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Invented and developed in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, the Polycore building system is an insulated and structural component building product that is revolutionizing the building industry. Sections are made from two materials - EPS (expanded polystyrene) as the insulating wall core, and integrated galvanized steel construction studs for strength. Simple product series are easily adaptable to most commercial or residential building uses including walls, foundation walls, foundation floors and roofs. The system has many unique advantages, significant cost savings, and its ease of installation makes the product less dependant on costly and hard to find skilled trade workers.

Residential Foundations
Structural foundations without concrete. To see full product description click here.

Residential Foundation Floors
Fully insulated R18+ foundation floors without pouring a concrete slab. To see full product description click here.

Other Residential Building Systems
Main floor walls, garage grade beams and roof applications for residential construction. To see full product description click here.

Commercial Building Applications
Grade beams, Infill walls, Curtain walls and roof systems for commercial construction. To see full product description click here.

Retrofit Insulation Products
Insulated roof sheeting, Poly-Skirt system and Poly-Parka series. To see full product descriptions
click here.


Environmental Advantages (Build Green)

The Polycore Building Systems offer a wide range of environmental advantages from production of products to long lasting energy savings. All Polycore products are produced locally in Edmonton, Alberta. Polycore Canada has the only EPS recycling system in Western Canada allowing us to manufacture with no waste ending up in the landfill. Each Polycore product is custom cut and designed to ensure that when the product is delivered to your construction site there is virtually no waste, you are only given the exact amount of product needed for your project. Due to the fact that all of Polycore's products are insulated and structural with out using wood, there are less materials needed compared to traditional construction methods, and the product will offer a higher than normal R value. The Polycore Building Systems will continue to provide energy savings for the life of the structure, resulting in less greenhouse emissions and exponential savings. A Polycore house is a healthy house that eliminates mold potential and has virtually no maintenance required. Polycore Canada Inc. is dedicated to change the building industry through our commitment to environmental leadership.


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